We all know that serious skin disorders are caused by sun damage. Contrary to belief, if the sun is hardly shining, even on cloudy days, harmful UVA rays can still reach deep into your skin. You cannot always see the damage done on the surface, but looking at your skin through our skin scanner you are bound to be in for a shock. Sun damage could lead to serious skin conditions later on in life. It may also add years to the appearance of the skin on your face. At our skin clinic we will advice you on how to reverse damage already done as well as how to prevent any damage from happening in the first place.
The skin scanner uses a special ultraviolet filter to reveal underlying damage in your skin long before it reaches the surface. The procedure is quick and completely painless. We will ask you to place your face into the scanner. It will detect problems in the form of different colours for different conditions. Blue is normal, but white indicates thickened skin, violet shows dehydration, yellow means oily and red indicates pigmentation. The mirror inside the scanner makes it possible for you to see these changes yourself.
Drop into Croydon Cosmetic Clinic for a free skin scan and personal assessment of your skin condition. We will expertly determine the level of sun damage your skin has received and devise a plan of action on how to protect and repair your skin. Treatments may include mild glycolic peel, use of glycolic, anti-oxidant or retinoid products to improve the texture of your skin with minimal damage. For the skin with severe damage use of obagi skin systems and obagi blue peel may be more appropriate. A sun block is one of the more basic suggestions.